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Vohra Physicians Partner with Skilled Nursing Facilities to Achieve Center of Excellence Distinction

Millions of patients across the United States need wound care, including 15% of Medicare beneficiaries. Approximately 6.5 million people suffer from chronic wounds requiring ongoing care. When hospitals or other care facilities have patients with wounds, they must choose where to send them for specialized care by assessing a facility’s wound care capability. One way to demonstrate notable expertise and impressive healing outcomes is by earning the Vohra Center of Excellence distinction.

When a patient is discharged to a designated Vohra Center of Excellence, hospitals can be assured that the patient will be attended to by a wound physician that provides bedside services, a nurse who has been educated and trained on chronic wounds, and a multispecialty interdisciplinary team prepared to optimize healing. The Center of Excellence distinction is a respected credential that recognizes a facility’s commitment to wound care and can lead to increased referrals. The Center of Excellence for Wound Management Program was developed by leaders at Vohra Wound Physicians, the nation’s leading wound care specialty group. Vohra employs 300 physicians serving nearly 3,000 facilities. The practice is on the cutting edge of wound care advancement and pioneered the bedside care model, leading to improved healing times. Learn more about Vohra Centers of Excellence and whether your facility qualifies for the distinction.

What is a Center of Excellence?

The Vohra Center of Excellence for Wound Management Program was created to identify and highlight facilities that have developed a superior wound management program. This national certification is earned by those facilities that demonstrably improve the quality of life for their patients with wounds. It is a recognition of staff members’ compassion, dedication to optimizing patient outcomes, and ongoing efforts to educate both staff and patients. Approximately 10% of facilities that partner with Vohra achieve this distinction.

How to Become a Center of Excellence

To become a Vohra Center of Excellence in Wound Management, a facility’s Director of Nursing or Administrator must first   The application is reviewed by a panel of executives, Vohra physicians, and support staff. The panel will assess the facility’s eligibility for the program, which requires:
  • A verified wound care program led by a Vohra Physician
  • Care provided by designated, accountable Vohra Wound Certified Nurse(s) seven days a week
  • A wound-related hospitalization rate of less than 1%
  • Regular team meetings with a focus on Quality and Process Improvement (QAPI)

Facilities that meet these criteria are recognized with the Vohra Center of Excellence distinction. If a facility applies but does not yet qualify, the Vohra review panel will provide the facility with guidance to help them work toward meeting all criteria and achieving the designation.

For example, if the wound-related hospitalization is above 1%, the panel will assess the patients in question to assess if any hospitalizations could have been avoided. Vohra physicians will provide the facility with recommendations regarding wound care education and protocols to prevent future need for hospitalization. Or, if the facility does not staff any Vohra Wound Certified Nurses (VWCN™), Vohra will help prepare and educate the facility’s nurses to earn the certification.

There are currently 866 facilities that hold Vohra’s Center of Excellence in Wound Management. The complete list of certified facilities and the program’s online application can be found on the Vohra Wound Care Certification Program webpage.

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Vohra Wound Care Centers of Excellence

In this article, we highlight a sample of the care facilities that have earned the Vohra Wound Care Center of Excellence in Wound Management distinction and the Vohra Physicians and Vohra Wound Certified Nurses that lead our proven programs.

To see a list of all certified facilities, click here.



Riverside Health and Rehabilitation

(East Hartford, CT) — Improved wound healing rates are a highlight of the partnership between Riverside Health & Rehabilitation Center and Vohra Wound Physicians. The skilled nursing facility has seen its wound healing rate quadruple under the care of Vohra Physician Dr. Srini Conjeevaram, M.D. and its nursing team. 


“I’m so proud of our nursing team for achieving the Vohra Center of Excellence Certification,” Riverside Director of Nursing Lucie Dike said. “We enjoy working with Vohra Wound Physicians and are glad to have Dr. Conjeevaram making wound rounds here weekly. The collaboration between Dr. Conjeevaram and our nursing team has allowed our healing rates to improve across the board.”

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Arch Plaza Rehabilitation and Skilled Nursing

(North Miami, FL) — Vohra physician Dr. Barbara Aguilar, M.D. has been treating patients with wounds at Arch Plaza for over six years and helping the facility optimize their wound care program. Arch Plaza has certainly succeeded, earning the Center of Excellence distinction. “The program has been implemented very well,” Aguilar said.

Arch Plaza Director of Nursing Nick Pana, R.N. said his facility places a focus on wound care and that achieving this certification from Vohra Wound Physicians is meaningful. “People come here with wounds and they expect, and their family expects, that they go home with healed wounds,” said Pana, “So, with the partnership with Vohra and the excellent wound care doctors, we’re so glad they’re here and they help heal the wounds in the facility. We end up with very good results.”

Margate Health and Rehabilitation Center

(Margate, FL) — A year and a half after Vohra Wound Physician Dr. Gabriel Betancourt, D.O. began performing weekly wound rounds at Margate, Vohra Wound Physicians certified the facility as a Center of Excellence for Wound Management.

Margate Administrator Sonja Jorgensen said, “Working with Vohra Wound Physicians has always been a key to our success in treating our residents who come in with wound care issues. I would like to congratulate the entire nursing team and also thank Dr. Betancourt for his hard work. Special congratulations to our wound care nurse Dawanna White. We’re very proud and very excited to receive this certification.” White earned the Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™) credential and uses her skills to maintain optimal patient outcomes.

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North Beach Rehabilitation Center

(North Miami Beach, FL) — North Beach’s path to national recognition began when Vohra physician Dr. Gabriel Betancourt, D.O. began rounding at the facility and brought Vohra’s clinical care and education solutions to the staff and patients.

“We have a very close-knit community here of patients and staff,” says North Beach Executive Director Donna-Lee Fabian. “The Vohra team has just stepped in and has become an integral part of our team.  I think that’s the reason that we have established a top-quality wound healing capability.”

North Beach Director of Nursing Cathy Baptiste says Vohra’s team approach led by the Vohra on site physician has led to the Center of Excellence Certification. “Dr. Betancourt has been a key partner,” Baptiste said. “He’s a wonderful member of our team.” North Beach and Vohra continue to work together and set high standards for senior care.

Tamarac Rehabilitation & Health Center

(Tamarac, FL) — After several years of dedication by the facility’s wound care team, Tamarac Rehabilitation & Health Center has achieved the Vohra Center for Excellence in Wound Management distinction. Vohra physician Dr. Rizwan Kalwar, MD, has led the wound care team at Tamarac.

“We are a fantastic team at Tamarac Rehab,” said Tamarac Director of Nursing Yvonne Lyn. “Dr. Kalwar has been a wonderful physician, along with the treatment nurse Diana Macchuca. Our wounds have been healing and we hope to have a long future engagement for wound care with Vohra.” Macchuca is a Vohra Wound Certified Nurse, having completed the certification program, and has been instrumental in keeping Tamarac’s wound hospitalization rate under 1%.

Tamarac Administrator Nicola Chandler Byam is proud for her facility to hold the distinction. “It feels fantastic,” says Chandler Byam. “Our staff commit 110% to everything that they do, and it shows.”

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Wilton Manors Health & Rehabilitation Center

(Ft. Lauderdale, FL) — When Vohra physician Dr. Gabriel Betancourt, D.O. started weekly wound rounds at Wilton Manors, he set the wheels in motion for the facility to become a Center of Excellence. “I remember when I started here in April 2017, we had some very complicated large wounds to treat,” Betancourt said. “I sat down with Director of Nursing Patrizia Pesce and we came up with a plan. Over time, we improved the wound care program.”

“We are doing an amazing job in healing those very difficult wounds,” Pesce said. “To finally be awarded with this certificate is a testament to the effort our team is making every day. Of course, we couldn’t have done that without Vohra and without Dr. Betancourt.”

“It’s been a real joy coming to this facility,” said Betancourt. “As you can tell, it’s like a family here. This recognition is well deserved.”


The Brentwood Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

(Danvers, MA) — Vohra Physician Dr. Andrew DiLernia has been treating The Brentwood’s residents with wound and skin issues since 2013 and helping the facility improve its wound care program. The Brentwood is now one of several Marquis Health Services facilities in Massachusetts to earn the Vohra Center of Excellence distinction.

“Congratulations to The Brentwood on its achievement of the Vohra Center of Excellence Certification,” said Dr. DiLernia. “I look forward to continuing to work with their wound team to achieve healing outcomes for our patients.”

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Brush Hill Care Center

(Milton, MA) — The wound care staff at Brush Hill, led by Vohra physician Dr. Zidoon Nasser, M.D., earned the Center of Excellence distinction due to its dedication and top-quality care. “I’ve been working with Brush Hill for five years,” Nasser said, “Over that time, we’ve built a very strong program with the Vohra Wound Care Certified nursing staff.”

Brush Hill Director of Nursing Lisa Kilroe says her team is very excited to achieve this honor. “Our partnership with Vohra has been an amazing experience,” said Kilroe. “Their guidance, education and support has been the foundation of our wound program.  We are proud to say we have no acquired wounds and that we heal complex wounds from the community! This wound management program is core to our facility and our practice.”

Colonial Rehabilitation & Nursing Center

(Weymouth, MA) — Colonial Rehabilitation & Nursing Center has committed itself to top-quality wound care and earned the Vohra Center of Excellence distinction. This is in part due to the dedication of Vohra wound physician Dr. Zidoon Nasser, M.D., and Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™) Sandra Woodward, who have used their expertise to improve patient care and healing outcomes.

Colonial Nurse Toby Oliver, RN has seen the healing results through the partnership with Dr. Nasser and Vohra Wound Physicians. “We’ve had some great success stories here. Dr. Nasser is a great educator too. He has been a great help.”

Queen Anne Nursing Home

(Hingham, MA) — As a testament to the facility’s dedication to wound care, led by Vohra Physician Dr. ZIdoon Nasser, M.D., Queen Anne Nursing home earned the Vohra Center of Excellence distinction. “Queen Anne is one of my most beloved facility partners in my practice,” said Nasser. “The wound care team and staff is highly skilled.”

Director of Nursing Katie Vaughn believes that the teamwork between Dr. Nasser and the nursing staff has helped the Queen Anne residents receive optimal wound management. “Dr. Nasser has been working with the staff at Queen Anne Nursing Home for the past four years. With his skill and expertise, we have been able to improve and maintain a strong wound prevention and wound care program. We have seen significant improvements in our wound healing rates and complication rates. Dr. Nasser and Vohra Wound Physicians have become an integral component of our facility wound program.”

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Webster Park Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

(Rockland, MA) — After working with Webster Park for over two years, Vohra physician Dr. Zidoon Nasser, M.D., has helped guide the facility’s wound care team to the Center of Excellence achievement.  Marquis Health Services Director of Operations Jerry LaBelle recognizes the partnership between Vohra and his nursing team leads to optimal wound healing outcomes for the Webster Park residents.

“The team approach here with Dr. Nasser is unbelievable with Vohra,” said LaBelle. “Dr. Nasser has really developed his rapport with our clinical team and taught our nurses. It’s helped us expand, not only to our center, but also to our local hospitals to help them understand that we can take care of people with wounds. Dr. Nasser has done a fantastic job with Vohra and we’re very pleased to have his services in this building.”

Whittier Rehabilitation & Skilled Nursing Center

(Haverhill, MA) — Whittier places a top priority on healing and rehabilitating residents to return them to their homes. To that end, Whittier partnered with Vohra to bring physician-led bedside wound care to the facility and decrease the need for wound-related hospitalizations. As a testament to this commitment to wound care, the facility earned the Center of Excellence recognition.

“I am extremely proud that our facility has been recognized by Vohra,” said Joshua Gurock, Administrator at Whittier. “It’s truly a well-deserved acknowledgement of the great work being performed by Aubry Dingman, Charge LPN, and our entire team here at Whittier. This certification shows the commitment that our nursing team has to providing outstanding wound care and healing outcomes to our resident and patient populations.”

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South Carolina

Peachtree Centre

(Gaffney, SC) — After partnering with Vohra, Peachtree earned their Vohra Center of Excellence distinction. This facility now boasts a 0% wound-related hospitalization rate. Amy Ashe, one of Peachtree’s nurses, also became a Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™) and has used her wound care expertise to improve patient care.

“I would like to thank [Vohra],” said Peachtree Director of Nursing Teda Barrows, RN. “I love [the] commitment to educating our staff. In the short time we have worked with Vohra Wound Physicians, our in-house acquired wounds have decreased by 90% and all of our chronic wounds we have had trouble healing are now healed.”

RoseCrest Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center

(Inman, SC) — RoseCrest Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center became a Vohra Center of Excellence for Wound Management and recently achieved 5-star status by Medicare.

Vohra Physician Dr. David Violette, M.D. has been making weekly wound rounds with the wound care team at RoseCrest for three years. “When I started here, they were a Medicare 3-star building,” Violette said. “I have had the pleasure of watching and helping them grow.”

“At RoseCrest, we always strive for excellence in everything we do but we take the most pride in the care of our residents,” said Christina Hopper Stacey, RN. “Working with Dr. Violette, I have seen the amazing healing from all types of wounds from admission to discharge. It’s an honor to receive the certification but truly is a duty in the care of our residents.”

Seneca Health & Rehabilitation

(Seneca, SC) — Vohra Physician Dr. David Violette, MD has been leading the wound care team at Seneca for two years, helping guide them toward this certification. “I have seen so much improvement and a such commitment to quality and excellence at Seneca,” Violette said.

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Seneca Health & Rehabilitation is committed to excellence in the prevention and treatment of skin disease and wounds,” said Seneca Administrator Diana Parson. “Through a collaborative initiative with Dr. Violette and the Vohra team, we assess each patient according to their risk factors, potential for decline and improvement. Our nurses are educated on the latest trending developments of skin care products and treatments. We are honored to be a wound care partner with Vohra.”

Southern Oaks Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center

(Piedmont, SC) — Southern Oaks earned the Center of Excellence certification due to its dedicated commitment to wound care education. Long-time wound nurse Sheila Sasher earned the Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™) distinction and has used her expertise to improve the facility’s wound care outcomes. The facility has also partnered with Vohra physician Dr. David Violette, MD.

“Southern Oaks has been a pleasure to work with,” Violette said. “Since I started rounding there, they have demonstrated a consistent focus on improving the quality of care for their residents with wounds.  This facility is truly a model of excellence.”


Advancing Wound Care

Earning the Vohra Center of Excellence in Wound Management designation is a great way for skilled nursing facilities to demonstrate wound care expertise and commitment to optimal wound care and healing. If your facility does not yet meet the criteria for this distinction, consider partnering with Vohra to bring a specialized wound care physician to your facility. For rural facilities or when bedside access is limited, Vohra offers simple, clinically effective telemedicine services.

Encouraging nurses to earn the Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™) distinction is another way to improve wound care expertise in your facility and decrease wound-related hospitalization rates.

Vohra Wound Physicians is the nation’s most trusted wound care specialty️ practice. Founded in 2000, Vohra works with nearly 3,000 skilled nursing facilities nationwide and uses innovative, proprietary methodologies and technologies to provide superior wound healing to patients.

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Author: Christopher Leonard, DO, MHI

Dr. Leonard is the Chief Information Officer at Vohra Wound Physicians. His experience includes developing a niche-specific, ONC-certified, proprietary electronic medical records (EHR) system. His expertise also lies in managing the data flow spectrum, machine learning, and product design related to healthcare technology. His creative vision supports Vohra’s mission in the continuous improvement of its novel healthcare delivery model.

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