Why Doctors Choose to Practice with Vohra Wound Physicians

If you are considering wound care, joining Vohra Wound Physicians could be your next professional home. Vohra is the nation’s leader in wound care and utilizes its 20 years of expertise to perfect its treatment programs and improve outcomes for its patients. The company’s founder and CEO, Dr. Ameet Vohra, pioneered the practice of bedside wound care and continues to foster a culture of innovation, advancement, and excellence within the company. 

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Physicians working at Vohra enjoy competitive pay, are never on call, and do not work nights or weekends. “I was motivated to work for Vohra when I saw that I had little time for the important things in my life,” shares Dr. Melissa Bray, a family physician who transitioned to Vohra. “Amazingly, by making the change to the wound care subspecialty, I work less and make more money.  In other words, I am more efficient with my time now and my family has benefitted.”

Vohra Wound Physicians visit skilled nursing facilities each week to lead interdisciplinary care teams and treat patients. During these visits, Vohra Physicians play a role in educating nurses about wound care and provide support during state surveys. In this way, Vohra physicians not only help their patients, but play an active role in improving patient care and medicine as a whole. 

In addition to traditional bedside care, the
Vohra@Home telemedicine platform leverages Vohra’s physician network and proprietary technologies to provide superior wound care to patients no matter where they may be healing.

Physician Careers

Vohra Physicians have meaningful interactions with patients and other care providers and are able to utilize their training to improve both wound healing and patient quality of life. “The clinical satisfaction I generate from doing wound rounds is largely interaction with patients, and recognizing that I am making a difference in their lives by helping their wounds heal,” shares Dr. John Van Aalst, a plastic surgeon who transitioned to Vohra. “I truly believe that there is no wound that cannot be healed.”


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Physician Support

Vohra comprises a network of experienced physicians that support one another and help advance the practice of wound care. When you become a Vohra Wound Physician, you join the ranks of impressive healthcare providers.


“Vohra has a large group of experienced physicians from various specialties, with a very collegial approach to our practice,” shares Dr. Alan Powers, “This is an invaluable resource when you have questions or need advice about specific clinical concerns, or those of getting established in the medical community.”


“The network of physicians within the company helps provide insight into different specialties with very easy disposal,” adds Dr. Wuilleumier. “Internal quality control helps provide insight into one’s own practice and learning sessions help continue education in the field of wound care.”

Vohra also has a proprietary wound care EMR program that streamlines care without impacting patient or physician experience. 

Physician Careers

“Because our proprietary EMR is so structured, you don’t need to worry about missing this number of physical exam findings or that particular necessary wording in your note to bill appropriately,” says Dr. Justin Mahida. “Documentation is a breeze.”

Dr. Wuilleumier agrees. “Vohra’s EMR system is very user-friendly and helps minimize unnecessary time on documentation, which helps you connect more with patients on a one-to-one basis.”

Established Infrastructure

After years of growth and development, Vohra has solidified its organizational infrastructure and established seamless onboarding and ongoing support for its physicians.


“The onboarding process is very streamlined which helps facilitate easy transition into beginning your own practice with training alongside experienced wound physicians,” says Dr. Wuilleumier.

In addition to supporting its physicians and their patients, Vohra has an admirable Corporate Citizenship program that enables physicians to give back to causes they are passionate about by providing an unrestricted $2,500 annual stipend to allocate to charities of their choice.


“I really appreciate the Corporate Citizenship program,” notes Dr. John Fulginiti, a trained general surgeon who now practices with Vohra. “I find it to be extremely generous.”

Ongoing Education

After joining Vohra, physicians are educated about best practices in wound care and are prepared to establish themselves as wound care experts. “Vohra has a focus on [continuing] education,” adds Dr. Powers, “with opportunities such as our new fellowship and our educational sessions to stay current in the evolving field of wound care.”

“We have the benefit of learning opportunities with our peers as well, which has really helped me grow in my ability to care for my patients,” says Dr. John Fulginiti.

Physician Careers

In addition, Vohra physicians are encouraged to continuously build upon their skills by staying abreast of wound care advancements. Since Vohra provides comprehensive training and ongoing support, the company will also work with physicians who have not completed residency, preparing them for the ABWM board exam, so long as they have a full medical license and have completed at least two years of residency.

Vohra’s programs have been shown to facilitate improved patient outcomes and shorter healing timelines. This is not only beneficial to the patients, but enormously rewarding to the physicians.

“One important thing when it comes to satisfaction is the opportunity to be an integral part of wound healing,” shares Dr. Kulravee Keegan. 

“To see that a patient actually heals, to see the pride and satisfaction that the nurses and CNAs have when wounds improve and heal is also rewarding” -Dr. Kulravee Keegan.

Vohra is dedicated to improving patient care and staff education at the facilities in which its physicians practice. Vohra physicians work to improve wound care understanding at skilled nursing facilities and are prepared to advocate for these facilities during state surveys. 

The Center of Excellence distinction ensures that the facilities Vohra partners with are the best facilities for patients with chronic wounds. Vohra’s Center of Excellence facilities satisfy the following criteria: 

  • A verified, outcomes-focused, Vohra Physician-led Wound Care Program

  • Designated, accountable Vohra Wound Certified Nurse(s) seven days a week

  • A wound-related hospitalization rate of less than 1%

  • Regular team meetings with a focus on Quality and Process Improvement (QAPI).

Vohra also offers an online wound care certification program for nurses looking to advance their skills and improve their patient outcomes.

Dr. Bray adds, “I look for ways to share my knowledge by offering to give in-services, teaching during wound rounds, making myself available during state surveys, and encouraging nurses to advance their education by becoming Vohra Wound Care Certified.”

Proven Results

Vohra’s pioneering bedside wound care program combined with its commitment to interdisciplinary teamwork has led to improved patient outcomes.

“Working as a group with Vohra helped to improve patient outcomes,” shares Dr. Emmanuel Jacob, a Vohra physician who trained in general surgery. “The staff at the skilled nursing facility is being continually trained – regular in-service keeps the staff updated [on] the best treatments and preventative measures.” 

Physician Careers

Professional Autonomy

Vohra physicians establish and lead their own wound care practices, so they are afforded a high level of professional autonomy. 


“The Vohra Model appreciates that most physicians are looking for some degree of professional autonomy,” said Alan Powers, who participated in surgical residency training before transitioning to Vohra. “And the organization allows you to take ownership of your practice.” Each physician working at Vohra has control over their own practice but can utilize the resources and network of physicians provided by Vohra in order to help grow their client base. 


“Working with Vohra has given me independence and autonomy, a work-life balance while still being able to care for patients,” notes Dr. Angela Crawford, a trained general surgeon who transitioned to Vohra.

Work-Life Balance

As wound care practitioners, Vohra physicians have a lot of schedule flexibility. Vohra physicians do not work on nights, weekends, or holidays, and they are never on call.


“Prior to the switch [to Vohra] I was on call every third night and every third weekend and rarely home before my daughter was in pajamas and headed to bed,” shares Dr. Amanda Turbeville, who transitioned to Vohra from general surgery. “Since beginning my career with Vohra, I have consistently been home for both dinner and bedtime and have also had the opportunity to participate in school activities.”

Physician Careers

Dr. Keegan agrees. “[Vohra] allows me time to be a mom,” she says. “There is also time to devote to non-medical pursuits. Overall, I can enjoy a more well-rounded life that does not include 12 hours shifts, weekend shifts, or on-calls.”


What Now?

When you commit yourself to a career in medicine, it can leave time for nothing else. If you’re ready to reclaim your personal life without sacrificing your income or clinical satisfaction, wound care might be the perfect solution. As the nation’s leader in wound care, Vohra is looking for physicians like yourself to help us continue advancing the field and improving patient outcomes. 

“With all of the changes in medicine, one of the things disappearing the most is the physician’s control over how they want to work (where, how much, etc.),” shares Dr. Hutchinson, a Vohra Wound Physician. “The way our company is structured, we gain that control back. I love that.”

Vohra Wound Physicians is the nation’s most trusted wound care specialty️ practice. Founded in 2000, Vohra works with nearly 3,000 skilled nursing facilities nationwide and uses innovative, proprietary methodologies and technologies to provide superior wound healing to patients.

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Author: Janet S. Mackenzie, MD, ABPS, CWSP, AAGP

Janet S Mackenzie MD, ABPS, CWSP, AAGP is the Chief Medical Officer at Vohra Wound Physicians. She has been with the company since 2013 and has almost 30 years of wound care experience as both a plastic surgeon and a wound care specialist. After obtaining a Master’s degree in Education, she obtained her Medical Degree from the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. She trained in general surgery at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center and plastic surgery at McGill University. She is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, the American Board of Wound Management, and the American Board of General Medicine, and is a Certified Wound Specialist Physician (CWSP).

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