Better Wound Care, at your bedside

Vohra Wound Physicians is a national physician group with doctors dedicated and committed to the healing of wounds.  Our physicians are credentialed at each nursing facility and work diligently to achieve the wound care goals of every patient.  Our services are covered by most every insurance and all of our doctors accept Medicare and Medicaid.

We visit you at your bedside.  Upon the request of your primary care physician, we can come to visit you and deliver comprehensive evaluation and management, surgical debridement if needed, provided with the experience and training of a specialist in wound care.  This tailored and comprehensive approach to wound care ensures you have options for treatment and access to leading-edge technology and to doctors that are passionate about healing wounds.

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Centers of Excellence are Skilled Nursing Facilities that have been recognized for their commitment and specialized ability to care for wound and skin complaints. Only a small percentage of all Skilled Nursing Homes achieve this status. Each of these centers must have a Vohra Wound Care Physician who specializes in wound care visiting the facility weekly. The facility must also have a wound care certified nurse available every day of the week and must have a process for continuous quality improvement. Centers of Excellence demonstrate these commitments by maintaining a hospital readmission rate for wounds lower than 1%