Patient-Driven Payment Model PDPM

Vohra constantly seeks to better understand the dynamics facing our partners.

When the Skilled Nursing Industry shifted to the Patient Driven Payment Model in October 2019, Vohra was already positioned to help our facilities benefit from the transformative change.

Vohra has partnered with industry experts to help understand the practical implications of PDPM, such as the importance of the initial assessment within eight days. Our Physicians and  Customer Relationship Managers are trained to help our facilities capture the most value from PDPM.

PDPM requires precise and accurate documentation, a core Vohra focus since our inception. Our proprietary EHR guides our physicians through thorough and accurate coding. Notes are synchronized the same day, allowing facilities and staff to easily track patient progress.

Download our white paper on how bringing a dedicated wound care physician can help optimize PDPM here or contact us to find a nearby live event.