Wound Care Dressings

The New Standard in Delivery of Wound Care

Our dressing program ensures the dressings recommended and ordered by our physicians are securely transmitted in real-time and delivered directly to the patient within 24-48 hours of the physician’s visit, streamlining and reducing the time to treatment and eliminating incorrect and excess dressings.

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How Vohra Dressing Delivery Program Works

Our Vohra physician provides individualized wound care to patients, leveraging extensive experience and data collected over 20 years to inform and direct wound treatment plans.

The physician identifies and prescribes the most appropriate surgical dressings, at bedside and in real time.

Dressings labelled specifically for the patients are delivered directly to the facility, usually within 24-48 hours.

The Benefits of Our Program

Vohra is committed to optimizing outcomes and reducing costs for our patients and our partners. Our latest innovation in wound care combines the expertise of our bedside physicians with the order and delivery of the exact dressings they determine are medically necessary.

No third parties are involved, chasing you for records or signatures; redundant paperwork is eliminated; delays in care because of slow delivery or backorders are a thing of the past.

The dressings order is a part of the medical record and the notes are received by each facility at the end of rounds.

Delays in treatment are eliminated, the dressings are ordered promptly and delivered quickly

Excess dressings and waste are reduced – Your Vohra physician reviews progress with each weekly consult and modifies treatment as necessary

The risks of miscommunication and failure to implement physician orders end, allowing you to improve the care your facility delivers. We routinely review patient outcomes with you and make timely evidence-based changes to care plans and dressing orders as the patient needs — not just once a month. Because these are dressings covered by insurance, there is no cost to the facility.


Working with You

Our wound care dressing program benefits your patients and each member of your facility.
Wound Care Nurses

Having the physician order the dressings directly helps to reduce the potential for miscommunication, redundant paperwork and treatment delay

Central Supply

Our secure portal allows purchasing managers to see and track exactly what has been ordered for Part B patients. This allows for better inventory management and cost containment.

Director of Nurses

We adhere to Medicare’s medical necessity guidelines: reducing excess use and waste while improving patient outcomes and reducing costs.


We provide technologies and reporting that give you actionable data and the analysis needed to make quality and process improvements.

Our Results

  • 86% Decrease in infection and amputation rates
  • 21 Day Decrease in wound healing times
  • 88% Decrease in wound related hospitalization

Our team will work closely with you, routinely reviewing data with our partner facilities to ensure the achievement of a successful outcome.

Facility Portal View

  • Review and Download easy to read treatment plans that show what will delivered by our program
  • Access shipment tracking in real-time. See what is on its way for each patient.

Frequently Asked Questions

Vohra will dispense dressings for qualified Medicare Part B (non-skilled) patients only. As a participating enrolled Medicare provider, Vohra bills the resident’s insurance directly for these dressings at no cost to the facility.

Vohra is not replacing your current durable medical equipment provider, and we do not supply any products, except for primary and secondary dressings. Our program goes a step further in dressings management as just one part of Vohra’s comprehensive and convenient wound care solution. As with any DME supply the patient has the final choice as to who they would like to supply the dressing. Even if you are contracted with an existing DME company the patient can still choose to have their dressing delivered by us.

Participation just requires that you tell us you would like to have this innovative and efficient program along with our physician in your facility.

In most cases, Medicare Part B covers surgical dressings for pressure ulcers, surgical wounds, vascular and neuropathic ulcers, burns, and many other wound etiologies. Our secure online portal has the documentation you need that shows exactly what will be delivered for each patient and links to tracking so you will know the minute it arrives.

Vohra is brand agnostic, which means that we are not engaged with one brand or supplier. We only work with high quality products and recommend the best dressing for a wound, depending on many variables, like its etiology, stage, exudate amount, and location. We currently ship and fill our orders through Medline distributors.

If you would like to hear more you can view a descriptive one minute video overviewing the program.

You may also contact our Wound Dressings Hotline at 954-613-0995 for a follow up call or email dressings@vohraphysicians.com