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Summit Care Inn of La Grange partnering with Vohra for community recognition

Case Study: Partnering with Vohra for community recognition
Image left to right in photo: Director of Nurses Bill Diehl, RN  Dr. Lina Ghosh Vohra Physician Wound Care Specialist  Sergio Flores LVN, SWOC Skin Wound Ostomy Certified Nurse  Assistant Director of Nurses Jimie Fowler, RN

Summit Care Inn of La Grange serves a relatively small, rural community in Texas, but sees its share of wound care. They partnered with Vohra Wound Care and were provided an expert wound care Physician, Dr. Ghosh, who not only partnered with them to heal patients but also helped educate the entire nursing team. Within a few months, Summit was able to apply to become a Center of Excellence in Wound Management, meaning they met strict standards of wound healing and care. This accomplishment was recognized by the local community and featured in local media.  Summit Care Inn of La Grange has established them as a niche provider with the skills and partners needed to admit and care for complex wound patients.


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The leadership team emphasized how important this was to them, and how much it helps their patients to have an expert physician from Vohra and the Vohra program supporting them:

“We here at Summit Care Inn of La Grange, take pride in the residents we have, the staff who deliver exceptional care and the partnership with Vohra Physicians and their Wound Care Specialist”. Bill Diehl RN, DON.  I am amazed at the team connections and efforts made daily for residents to enjoy their day, maintain skin integrity and the happiness of residents from healing wounds” We congratulate the whole team on their achievement of becoming a Center of Excellence in Wound Management, and a recognized expert in their community.

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Author: Dr. Japa Volchok, DO

Dr. Volchok is the Vice President of Operations at Vohra Wound Physicians. Trained as a vascular and general surgeon he joined Vohra in 2009. Dr. Volchok is currently responsible for Vohra’s telemedicine program, legal and regulatory matters, and physician recruitment. He completed an executive management program at the Harvard Business School.