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Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services launches new wound education program with Vohra Wound Physicians to educate over 150 nurses across the state.

Miramar/Richmond, VA – July 08, 2019 Today, Vohra Wound Care was awarded a grant to utilize civil money penalty reinvestment funds to establish the Virginia Wound Care Excellence Program for Skilled Nursing Facilities to improve the care of nursing facility residents across the state.  This program will train nurses about prevention, assessment, and management of wounds in the nursing facility setting.  Key areas to be covered include wound healing, wound care treatment options, and infection prevention. 

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to train nurses throughout the state and improve patient outcomes through this education.  We developed this program because we have seen the need for wound care skills that nurses could use on a daily basis” said John Sory, President of Vohra.   There are 286 facilities in Virginia of which 22 had serious deficiencies noted within the past 3 years and this program has the potential to dramatically improve care throughout the state.


Editor’s Note: Click here to learn how becoming a Vohra Wound Certified Nurse (VWCN™) can lead to career advancement, increased earning potential, and improved patient outcomes.

The funding provides education support for 150 nurses in Virginia’s nursing facilities to become certified in wound care through the Vohra Wound Care Nurse Certification program. Nurses who successfully complete this program will be awarded the credentials of VWCN™ an industry-leading certification specific to wound care of the nursing facility resident.  The award is made possible through re-investment of civil money penalties that were issued to Virginia’s nursing facilities. Vohra Wound Physicians created the wound care nurse certification program based upon over 20 years of experience treating patients in long term care and post-acute facilities. 

The course content follows the evidence-based Vohra Wound Physicians wound care model which has been independently evaluated and proven to result in a 21-day decrease in wound healing time, an 88-percent decrease in wound-related hospitalizations and an 86-percent decrease in infection and amputation rates. This program offers 20 hours of continuing education credits in eleven topic areas in an interactive online format.

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Author: Dr. Japa Volchok, DO

Dr. Volchok is the Vice President of Operations at Vohra Wound Physicians. Trained as a vascular and general surgeon he joined Vohra in 2009. Dr. Volchok is currently responsible for Vohra’s telemedicine program, legal and regulatory matters, and physician recruitment. He completed an executive management program at the Harvard Business School.