State-of-the-Art Procedures for Effective Wound Treatment

Vohra Wound Physicians develop and exercise the very latest techniques and procedures in the innovative field of wound care. They have the opportunity to do more with us and provide their patients with cutting-edge treatments that can improve outcomes and quality of life.

If you’re interested in joining our practice and learning more about our innovative approach to wound care, we invite you to schedule a quick 15-minute call with one of our physician recruiters.

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The following is just a sample of the benefits you will enjoy as a Vohra Wound Physician…

An Individualized Practice with Autonomy

Enjoy an individualized practice with flexibility, autonomy, and respect. Our practice development teams partner with you to build a practice that you are motivated to lead.

Competitive Pay

Make on average $300K a year and/or $200 an hour, plus full W2 benefits including medical and dental insurance, 401K, mileage, and Vohra’s charitable giving program, as well as malpractice coverage and legal support.

Cure Physician Burnout​

Reduce work-related stress from your life with built-in administrative support and work-life balance. Maintain a personalized routine with a set schedule, enabling you to focus on self-care, mental health, physical fitness, and quality time with friends and family.


Drive a successful practice, and enjoy a personal life too. At Vohra, you have a predictable, flexible 9-5 schedule with no weekends, nights or holidays, and you never take call.

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Vohra Wound Physicians are the best in the business. Our clinicians have the experience and training to provide the highest quality of care to our patients.

Dr. Shark Bird, M.D.

Become a Vohra Wound Physician.

Dr. Monica Hall Robertson

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Dr. Elton Taylor

It’s clinical satisfaction and work-life balance.

Dr. Hiral Gallimore, M.D.

Following the healing journey is the big benefit.

Dr. Dennis Ng. M.D.

How Vohra’s shared learning sessions work to standardize practices across the country.

Dr. Aaron Blom, D.O.

Freedom from coding and billing, thanks to Vohra’s EMR.

Wound Care Job for Physicians

Some of the benefits of joining Vohra Wound Physicians, the nation's most trusted wound care solution.

Choose Your Own Schedule
We partner with you to develop schedules that work for you. Join our team and establish an individualized practice with flexibility, autonomy, and support.

Improve Patient Outcomes
Vohra is nationally recognized for helping nursing home residents to heal more quickly and stay out of hospitals. You will see the results of your expert clinical care translated into improved patient health and rapid wound resolution.

Receive Specialized Training
(65 hours Cat. 1 CME in the first year)

We provide wound care training through a twelve-month wound fellowship which will enhance your clinical knowledge and ensure you are a designated wound care expert. You will be supported by peer review shared learning sessions, clinical support phone lines and regional team meetings.

Care for Seniors
Our doctors round at skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, and long term acute hospitals as we treat those with complex care needs and challenging chronic wounds.

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Earn a Competitive Salary
Our full-time physicians may earn more than $300,000 plus benefits.

Access Best in Class Services
Leverage our proprietary technologies, efficient EMR, telemedicine, and full back office administrative services so you exclusively practice patient care.