Acknowledgement: Vohra partners with long term care facilities that may require proof of COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of credentialing. While Vohra does not currently have a vaccine mandate, unvaccinated physicians may experience difficulties in credentialing which may limit access to patients and restrict the size of a clinical practice. Submission of your application acknowledges you have been provided with this information.
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Residents, work doesn’t need to consume your life—join Vohra and find your perfect work-life balance

Tired of missing out on important family and social events? Looking down the road and not seeing a break in sight? There’s another alternative. Become a Vohra Wound Care Physician and enjoy a flexible, rewarding, and profitable new practice.

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Thorough Ongoing Wound Care Training

Vohra’s fellowship program. We provide a one-year wound care fellowship for physicians that join our practice. There are only a handful of wound care fellowships in existence and Vohra’s is the largest outpatient fellowship in the U.S. Our experienced faculty guide you through concepts you may not have broached during residency and support you as you start your new career.

Opportunity to advance the field of wound care. Your clinical knowledge helps us find new ways to diagnose and treat chronic wounds. Patients experience better outcomes—avoiding infection, limb loss, or even death.


Better Relationships with Patients and Staff

Spend more time with patients and staff. We work with established nursing homes that want a physician-led clinical approach to wound care for their patients. Less time is spent on unnecessary paperwork, leaving you to focus on the building relationships with patients and nursing staff.

Be yourself. The facilities we work in tend to be more casual, and the environments more friendly than what most of our physicians are used to from previous roles. Patients often greet you with a smile on their face and they look forward to your weekly visit. Facility staff take pleasure in helping to improve patient outcomes with you, week over week.

Better outcomes. Our physician-led team has developed a suite of services to help you increase positive outcomes and decrease time spent on paperwork. Leveraging our advanced EMR, telemedicine platform, mobile application, artificial intelligence, and online wound care certification training, we provide you with the tools needed to be successful.

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Flexibility and Autonomy

We help you build the perfect practice. Our marketers and business development teams help you build your patient list. You have the autonomy to tailor your schedule—arranging it so you have the time needed to run a profitable practice while still having a family and social life.

No call, no working on evenings or holidays. You have the free time needed to take care of yourself and do the things that make you happy. Days end as early as 3 pm, giving you plenty of time to exercise, take care of errands, enjoy social events, spend time with family and friends, and do the things that are important to you.


Support and Opportunities

Support teams. We pair you with an experienced regional manager that helps promote your practice and manage your schedule—ensuring you earn enough income and have enough time off. You’re also supported by a group of over 250 physicians, with shared learning sessions, direct access to clinical support phone lines and annual meetings.

Opportunities to diversify your career. There are many ways to diversify within the field of wound care: Vohra offers academic and administrative positions, as well as innovative opportunities for new wound care technologies, artificial intelligence, and home health.

Find the perfect work-life balance
as a Vohra Wound Care Physician

You can enjoy your life and practice medicine too. Residents who have become Vohra Wound Care Physicians love their jobs and love having enough time to take care of themselves and enjoy a social and family life. Vohra Physicians spend their evenings, weekends, and holidays doing the things that make them happy—as it should be. Contact Vohra today to take a step toward the career you thought you’d always have when you first started medical school.

Enjoy a great sustainable career
with Vohra Wound Physicians

Our Process Focuses On You


Apply Online

Submit your basic information and contact details to us – we will review them for wound care experience.


Tell Us More

We will send you an online application form and request your CV to help us understand your background


Video Interview

One of our specialist recruiters will reach out to discuss your application and career ambitions.



We will set up time for you to go on rounds with one of our senior wound care physicians, who lives close to you.


Selection Panel

Our leadership team will meet you for video interviews, to hear about your clinical experience and goals.



​Our development team will work with you to create your scheduled days, locations and number of facilities.