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Individualized Practice
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Competitive Pay

More Flexibility and
Clinical Satisfaction

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What are plastic surgeons saying about working with Vohra?

Vohra has helped plastic surgeons throughout the country to successfully manage their careers and improve their quality of life. Several plastic surgeons work with Vohra to supplement their income while building their practice. Others have left their full-time practice to achieve a more flexible and stable career.

Competitive Salary

Our full-time physicians can make in excess of $300,000 a year and/or $200 an hour, plus benefits! 

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Choose Your
Own Schedule!

We partner with you to develop schedules that work for you. Join our team and enjoy an individualized practice with flexibility, autonomy, and respect. Vohra provides competitive compensation and benefits.

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Improved Patient Outcomes

Vohra is nationally recognized for helping nursing home residents to heal more quickly and stay out of hospitals. You will enjoy seeing the results of applying your expert clinical knowledge translated into improved patient outcomes and rapid wound resolution.


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Our Physicians
Are In Control

Our physician-led team has developed a suite of best-in-class services to help you deliver better outcomes. Leveraging our advanced EMR, telemedicine, mobile app, artificial intelligence, and online wound certification training, Vohra provides you with the tools to be successful and the support to grow.

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Join the Very Best Team in America

Our doctors visit skilled nursing facilities on a consistent basis, working with patients to help heal wounds. We know our patients and the facility care teams and work together to identify treatment goals and to optimize clinical outcomes.


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Free Training For Qualified Physicians Like You

From the beginning, we provide specific wound care training to enhance your clinical knowledge and to help you learn how to treat wounds optimally. You are supported by a group of over 300 clinicians, with shared learning sessions, direct access to clinical support phone lines and annual team meetings.

Priority Openings

Below is a list of priority openings where we have an immediate need for skilled physicians. If you do not see your area listed and you are a physician interested in joining Vohra, please fill out the form at the top of the page and a recruiter will be happy to speak with you.

Enjoy a great sustainable career
with Vohra Wound Physicians

Our Process Focuses On You

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Apply Online

Submit your basic information and contact details to us – we will review them for wound care experience.

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Tell Us More

We will send you an online application form and request your CV to help us understand your background

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Video Interview

One of our specialist recruiters will reach out to discuss your application and career ambitions.

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We will set up time for you to go on rounds with one of our senior wound care physicians, who lives close to you.

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Selection Panel

Our leadership team will meet you for video interviews, to hear about your clinical experience and goals.

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​Our development team will work with you to create your scheduled days, locations and number of facilities.

Physician Applicant FAQ’s

Yes, Vohra is only hiring physicians (MDs and DOs) who are actively licensed in the state they wish to practice in. If you are not a physician, but you are interested in learning more about wound care specialist education, we have certification courses and continuing education to help you advance your career. Please visit our Certification page to learn more.

Wound care doctors come from many different specialties and residency backgrounds. Our most common specialties are General Surgery, Family Medicine, Plastic Surgery, Internal Medicine, and Vascular Surgery. Vohra appreciates the depth of medical perspective present among wound care physicians from various backgrounds. Our onboarding program ensures that all practitioners have the support and training required to become wound care experts.

If you have questions about residency/background, please schedule a time to speak to a Vohra Team Member.

No, Vohra does not require a Board Certification, or Board Eligibility to join our practice. A minimum of two years of residency are required, as well as an active medical license in the state you want to work in.

If you have more questions about Board status, please schedule time to speak to a Vohra Team Member.

No. Vohra provides a comprehensive training program which means physicians can join our practice regardless of previous Wound Care
Training or Certification.

If you have more questions about Wound Care Training/Certification, please schedule time to speak to a Vohra Team Member.

Vohra is active in 28 states across the country and services nearly 3,000 skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). Please visit Physician Wound Care Jobs Near Me to see what’s available in your area now.

We also accept applications from prospective wound doctors seeking careers in areas where we are not currently hiring. We will contact you should something open up in the future.

Schedule a Call Now to speak with a Vohra team member about wound care employment opportunities in your area –including telemedicine physician jobs.

Every Vohra Physician has the flexibility to customize the hours they work and the volume of patients they manage. On-call is never required, although a few of our physicians choose to be available by phone for the occasional question. And because of the post-acute setting wound care specialists work in, nights and weekends are not a part of the job.

We ask all physicians to dedicate a minimum of 25 hours to their wound care physician job per week. Other than that, your schedule is up to you and what works best for your life.

Some of our physicians begin their day at 6 or 7am, and head home early in the afternoon to enjoy the rest of their day. Other physicians take time in the morning to get kids off to school and do not begin until 9am.

Telemedicine physician appointments are also possible with Vohra@Home. Many of our physicians will dedicate a day or so to telemedicine visits and work from home. However you choose to design your practice, Vohra Wound Care works for you.

More questions on creating your ideal Vohra practice? Schedule time to speak to a Vohra Team Member.

Efficiency and superior patient outcomes are important to Vohra. That’s why our propriety EMR was designed by and for wound care specialist physicians to meet their specific needs. Its intuitive and innovative design means less time spent charting and more undivided attention to devote to patient care.

Our wound doctors report spending minutes per patient on the documentation process, making finishing notes at home after a long day a thing of the past.

Hear what Vohra physicians are saying about our proprietary EMR.

Reasons for physician burn-out seem to be focused on a few key elements, including: a stressful workplace, overwhelming schedule, no work-life balance, and too much time spent on administrative tasks.

With a physician wound care job at Vohra, you can remove all of those stressors from your career. Instead, you will:

– Enjoy nights, weekends and holidays free
– Have no required on-call hours
– Choose your schedule, where you work, and how you spend your free time
– Use an efficient and user-friendly EMR for quick documentation
– Have the option to consult with patients via telehealth
– Enjoy a competitive wound specialist salary
– Experience professional satisfaction and improved patient outcomes
– Enjoy continuity of care and witness the healing result of your interventions

Read how Vohra combats physician burnout.

Usually, doctor careers do not allow for 9-5 business hours—but Vohra does. Vohra’s only requirements are that you keep your hours consistent from week to week and have a minimum of 25 hours each week.

When considering the wound care specialist’s job description, procedures play an important role: Debridement, cauterization and biopsies are all regularly performed by our doctors. Physicians will develop wound care programs and train nurses and facility staff in maintaining them, while also carrying out telemedicine appointments through Vohra@Home.

Read more about a Day in the Life of a Wound Care Physician with Vohra.

As the largest Wound Care Fellowship Program of its kind in the country, Vohra’s training is thorough and intuitive. From hands-on procedural training and rounding with senior physicians, doctors from various backgrounds learn and develop their skills under the tutelage of leading wound care expert physicians.

Even with your autonomous wound care practice, you are never alone. Vohra’s peer knowledge-sharing sessions encourage an interdisciplinary care model and educate on best practices.

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