Where America’s Top Wound Care Physicians Come Together

We’re unwavering in our commitment to recruit and train the best physicians, all while offering unparalleled support to Skilled Nursing Facilities.


Empowering Our Physicians

Discover the Vohra Difference with benefits tailored to elevate your medical practice.

Tailored Tech for Wound Care

Experience our advanced proprietary technology, tailored for wound care physicians’ workflow. Both EMR and telemedicine are optimized for precision.

Drive Better Outcomes

Join our mission of unparalleled patient care. Vohra’s methodologies promote rapid wound healing, ensuring patients receive the best treatment outcomes.

Customizable Schedules

With Vohra, co-create a practice schedule that fits you. We prioritize your needs, ensuring you have the right balance of flexibility, autonomy, and support.

Seamless Clinical Services

Elevate your practice with Vohra’s suite of top-tier services. From cutting-edge technologies to our efficient EMR, focus solely on your patients while we handle the rest.

Elite Wound Care Training

Dive into our 12-month wound fellowship, featuring 65 hours of Cat. 1 CME in year one. We’re here to refine your skills, transforming you into a wound care virtuoso.

Zero Administrative Stress

At Vohra, we prioritize your passion for medicine. Entrust us with administrative tasks and paperwork. Dedicate your expertise exclusively to advancing wound care.


Our Physicians are the Heartbeat of Wound Care SNFs Nationwide

Reducing Rehospitalizations, and Enhancing Patient Comfort.

By achieving Medicare savings exceeding $19,000 per patient and cutting healing times by 21 days, they set unparalleled standards in healthcare. Facilities aligned with our physicians boast less than a 0.08% wound-related rehospitalization rate. Serving across 3,500 facilities in 28 states, these specialists consistently elevate wound care standards.

Enhancing Patient Care: Vohra’s Exclusive Offerings

Discover the tools and programs designed to empower facilities and maximize wound care outcomes.

Facility Portal & EMR Integration

Use our facility portal, seamlessly integrated with our EMR. This ensures swift, accurate patient treatment recommendations on the day of visit.

Effortless Patient Referral System

Our innovative system simplifies patient referrals, allowing nurses to consult a physician for new wound patients seamlessly.

Exclusive Comprehensive Reports

Access our unique Wound Care End-Points report. It offers a comprehensive view of wounds, arming facilities with essential, data-driven care insights.

Skin Subs & Graft Expertise

Count on our physicians expertise and our supply provision, ensuring optimal wound care for your facility without inventory concerns.

Dressing Dispensing Program

Ensure your nursing staff always has the recommended treatments on hand. Our program provides the products our physicians endorse for optimal wound care.

Achieve the Gold Standard in Wound Care

With Vohra’s Excellence program, meeting our high standards boosts facility reputation and elevates patient care quality.


Online Education for Nurses Pursuing Wound Care Excellence

A tailored wound care course for nurses, curated by our expert physicians , merging theory and practice.

By enrolling in our course, you’re not just learning; you’re mastering the art and science of wound care. This course is a culmination of the profound knowledge and experience of our physicians.

Why Choose the Vohra’s Wound Care Certification Program?

Elevate Your Nursing Skills with Unparalleled Benefits..

Crafted by Wound Care Experts

Benefit from content shaped by the best in the field, ensuring your learning is relevant, up-to-date, and actionable.

Accredited Education Credits

Advance your career by earning essential credits, accepted by professional nursing boards and associations.

Interactive, Engaging Lessons

Immerse yourself in dynamic modules that captivate and retain your attention, making complex concepts easily digestible and memorable.

Self-Paced Tailored Study

Learn at your convenience, accommodating your personal and professional schedules, and ensuring thorough understanding at your own pace.

Recognized Practical Certification

Stand out professionally with a certification that’s both practical and recognized, boosting your credentials and credibility in wound care.

Lifetime Learning Access

Stay updated with evolving wound care practices. Revisit and refresh your knowledge whenever you need, ensuring you remain at the forefront.

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