The Vohra EHR Software Program Can Give You The Gift Of Free Time

Ask yourself how much time you spend as a doctor doing paperwork. Administrative tasks weigh heavily on many medical professionals, but at Vohra our revolutionary EHR software cuts back on those tasks considerably. Our physicians are pleased with the amount of time they save with the ease of this user-friendly software. 

Our software is compatible with a multitude of post-acute care electronic record systems such as (but not limited to):

  • PCC

  • AHT

  • Matrixcare

  • Swift

Our PCC integrated software program was designed by doctors to give our specialists seamless wound care delivery that is compliant with Medicare and state physician documentation requirements. Our EHR software adds an extra layer of protection for our doctors against lawsuits and the loss of funds due to CMP fines.

As a Vohra wound care physician, your expertise will deliver the prime quality of care we are known for while utilizing our certified EHR software to efficiently meet the administrative tasks that took you much longer in other positions. You can feel at ease knowing that all current healthcare regulatory requirements along with HIPAA and HITECH requirements are met when you utilize the EHR provided to you as a Vohra wound care physician.


The bedside care that is provided by our team of doctors is incredibly cost-effective and outcomes-based. The economical aspect of our software benefits you, as the physician, and all of your patients as well. With the shift in the paradigm of what healthcare once was going from being mostly hospital-based, care is now provided in other facilities as well. Our physicians fill the need for wound care experts across the nation.

Our doctors have the honor of working with a constantly evolving artificial intelligence/machine learning based program that is built on the collective data of over six million wound cases and each individual patient’s EHR. With this amazing technology, optimal treatment recommendations is generated for out experts and a reasonable timeline of treatment for the patient and their family members is set.

The Vohra Wound Care EHR is constantly evolving. Having been designed by wound care physicians for wound care physicians, we are consistently working toward improvements of our software to save our nationwide team of physicians time, provide supreme quality care to our patients, and present the most cost-effective care choices on the market for both medical specialists and the patients they serve.

How much time did you calculate you spend on administrative tasks each week? Too much? Why not take the step toward cutting down on paperwork and spending more focused time with each of your patients while still having free time (you may need to reacquaint yourself with what that is)? Contact Vohra Wound Care to talk with one of our staff members about how becoming a Vohra Wound Care expert can mutually benefit our company, you, and the patients you will be treating.  You have nothing to lose by investigating a future filled with diminished stress and a little more free time!

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