Starting Your Practice with Vohra Wound Physicians

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Starting Your Practice with Vohra Wound Physicians

After years of rigorous medical education and training, many physicians desire professional autonomy and schedule flexibility, which can be unattainable in traditional clinical settings. Transitioning to the wound care specialty with Vohra Wound Physicians enables doctors to take control of their professional lives and gain personal freedom while receiving ongoing support and guidance from the company’s practice development teams.


With the comprehensive support and training that Vohra provides, physicians launch individualized practices and begin providing specialized clinical care in their communities. Vohra Physicians benefit from continued administrative support, flexibility, and opportunities for growth provided by the company.


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“The clinical support available working with Vohra is bar none, top-notch.
You're not out here on your own.”

- Dr. Taylor, trained General Surgeon who transitioned to Vohra

Continue reading to learn more about how Vohra works with its physicians as they transition to wound care.

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Become a Vohra Wound Physician​

Training and Fellowship

Upon joining the practice, you receive valuable, ongoing support from the Vohra team. Our new physicians participate in a three-week training program which involves virtual training and in person rounding and shadowing of one of our experienced clinical training physicians. Upon completion of this mini-internship, doctors then begin the Vohra Fellowship program, the nation’s largest and only post-acute wound care fellowship.

The yearlong fellowship program includes didactic instruction as well as hands-on skills training and research.  One-on-one mentoring by Vohra’s seasoned fellowship directors ensures every physician is highly proficient in the emerging specialty of wound management. Vohra’s fellowship prepares and qualifies physicians to sit for The American Board of Wound Management’s (ABWM) Certified Wound Care Specialist Physician (CWSP®) exam.  As the global leaders in wound management, Vohra established the fellowship to promote and ensure the continued evolution and refinement of the specialty.

“There is continued, ongoing support from the company itself and from our other physicians throughout that entire year of the fellowship program.”

says Dr. Shark Bird, MD, Vohra’s Chief Medical Officer.

Practice and Administrative Support

After starting their wound care practice, Vohra physicians enter a development period during which their goal number of weekly patient encounters is established.  Vohra helps them expand their patient base, connect with nursing facilities, and build relationships with wound care nurses and facility staff.

"Vohra is a leader in wound care and they take that responsibility seriously. Not only are they trying to make sure that the physicians are providing the very best possible care, but they're also educating everyone in the meantime.”

- Dr. Rowe, trained Orthopedic Surgeon who transitioned to Vohra

With Vohra’s 300+ physician network, a new physician often takes over facilities from a retiring physician or a new physician may work with Vohra’s corporate partners that have requested coverage in a particular facility.

"I came into a community that was already being partially covered by physicians coming from farther distances. Half of my practice is buildings that I acquired from physicians that were traveling long distances to cover."

- Dr. Amanda Turbeville, MD, General Surgeon and Vohra Wound Physician

Vohra provides practice development support and guidance, and the most successful physicians are those that promote themselves to establish and maintain their practices. Vohra physicians who have strong community ties and dedicate themselves to providing wound care to the underserved geriatric population experience rapid growth and success.

Choose a Career you Shape​​

Become a Vohra Wound Physician​

Professional Flexibility

Vohra physicians benefit from tremendous professional flexibility. They are able to choose from many geographic locations within the United States, set their hours, and choose the facilities where they see patients. At all times physicians are able to maintain an appropriate work-life balance and accommodate their personal schedules.

“The nice perk about my schedule is that I have no evening call and no weekend work. I have a pretty regimented 9-5 schedule and it works great for the facilities too. They love that I’m dependable and show up at the same time. The patients love that they can predict when I'm going to be there.”

- Dr. Justin Mahida, trained General Surgeon who transitioned to Vohra

Vohra physicians enjoy nights, weekends, and holidays at home, and are never on call. Their schedules are also predictable and consistent, enabling them to plan and attend events in their personal lives without distraction.

Future Growth Opportunities

Vohra physicians enjoy significant room for professional growth within the practice, whether it be through clinical, academic or administrative roles.

Choose a Career you Shape​​

Become a Vohra Wound Physician​

“What stands out about Vohra for me is the independence and the continued growth that I've been able to establish with my practice.”

- Dr. Kinison, MD, General Surgeon turned Vohra Wound Physician

Since the practice of wound care is rapidly evolving, Vohra physicians are also able to involve themselves in specialty innovations and engage in further education and advancement.

Choose a Career you Shape​​

Become a Vohra Wound Physician​

“If you want to do an administrative role or an academic role within the company, they always promote that. If you want to see patients at facilities, that's fine. But if you want to do other things, like be a part of the academic field...research...or...artificial intelligence or new technologies with wound care, there's always opportunities for that within the company.”

- Dr. Wuilleumier, MD, General Surgeon who transitioned to Vohra

Wound Care at Vohra

"I have friends who do wound care on their own and in solo practice. I can really notice a difference in practicing with Vohra in the immense amount of support and all the other things that Vohra is able to do for me that just make me able to do my job.”

- Dr. Hutchinson, MD, Vohra Wound Physician trained in General Surgery

Vohra Wound Physicians is the nation’s most trusted wound care specialty️ practice. Founded in 2000, Vohra works with nearly 3,000 skilled nursing facilities nationwide and uses innovative, proprietary methodologies and technologies to provide superior wound healing to patients.

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Author: Christopher Leonard, DO, MHI

Dr. Leonard is the Chief Information Officer at Vohra Wound Physicians. His experience includes developing a niche-specific, ONC-certified, proprietary electronic medical records (EHR) system. His expertise also lies in managing the data flow spectrum, machine learning, and product design related to healthcare technology. His creative vision supports Vohra’s mission in the continuous improvement of its novel healthcare delivery model.

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