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Southern Oaks on the Path to Center of Excellence

Southern Oaks Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center in Piedmont, SC has claimed the Vohra Center of Excellence for Wound Management Certification. Wound Care Education is important to the staff at Southern Oaks and it played a large part in helping them qualify for the certification.


A nurse must complete the Vohra Wound Care Certification Program in order to meet one of the criteria to qualify for the Centers of Excellence honor. Long-time wound nurse Sheila Sasher jumped at the opportunity.


“I took the Vohra Wound Care Certification Program to round out my wound care education,” Sasher said. “I have been in the field for years but wanted the certification for my professional growth. This education has been very useful for me.”


Vohra Physician Dr. David Violette, MD appreciates the hard work Sheila and the Southern Oaks staff puts in to care for their residents with wounds. “Sheila has been at the facility for 20 years,” Violette said. “Despite all her experience, within 3 months of my starting at Southern Oaks, she had already become Vohra Wound Care Certified.”


Southern Oaks Director of Nursing Sabrina Simmons recognizes she has a great wound care nurse. “Sheila is dedicated to serving the residents above and beyond wound care,” Simmons said. “She’s not only caring and compassionate while she helps to heal wounds within the facility, but she is very involved in the community as well with other wound specialists.”


Simmons believes that adding Dr. Violette to their wound care team about a year ago, was a perfect fit. “Administrator Shannon Farthing and I had each had experience with Dr. Violette and the Vohra program in the past,” said Simmons. “When I noticed how caring and devoted Sheila was, I knew that adding Dr. Violette to the wound care team would ensure the best care possible for the wonderful residents of Southern Oaks and Shannon absolutely agreed. This would also allow the residents to be treated in house and avoid the outside appointments that can sometimes be very stressful for the residents we love. Dr. Violette loves to teach and help others. He understands the meaning behind excellent wound care. Dr. Violette is dedicated to serving the residents in every way.”


Dr. Violette has enjoyed the partnership as well. “Southern Oaks has been a pleasure to work with,” Violette said. “Since I started rounding there, they have demonstrated a consistent focus on improving the quality of care for their residents with wounds. The Administrator and Director of Nursing have shown a commitment to continued excellence. This facility is truly a model of excellence.” 


The additional criteria Southern Oaks had to achieve to qualify for the Wound Care Centers of Excellence Certification includes having a yearly wound-related hospitalization rate of less than 1%. In addition, the nursing staff must have regular QAPI meetings to discuss the care plan for their residents and to review wound healing outcomes.


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Author: Dr. Japa Volchok, DO

Dr. Volchok is the Vice President of Operations at Vohra Wound Physicians. Trained as a vascular and general surgeon he joined Vohra in 2009. Dr. Volchok is currently responsible for Vohra’s telemedicine program, legal and regulatory matters, and physician recruitment. He completed an executive management program at the Harvard Business School.

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