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Vohra convenes national group of physicians, nurses and nursing facility leaders at the 2018 Vohra Wound Care Conference

2018 Vohra Wound Care Conference

Vohra Wound Physicians, the Global Thought Leaders in Wound Management, welcomed hundreds of physicians, along with nurses and corporate leaders to participate in their largest conference to date. With representation from 27 States, the April event at The Biltmore in Coral Gables, FL was a powerful weekend of thought leadership, idea exchange, education and networking.


“It was a ground breaking event,” Company CEO and Founder Dr. Ameet Vohra, M.D. said. “This meeting was all about Vohra Centers of Excellence. As a company, we are no longer solely a physician group; we are a Center of Excellence company. We provide the complete solution for wound management.”


More than 260 of Vohra’s skilled nursing facility partners have been recognized as a Vohra Center of Excellence for Wound Management. The certification is designed to highlight facilities that have developed a superior wound management program with superior outcomes, in partnership with Vohra Wound Physicians.


In addition to the Center of Excellence discussions, other workshop topics focused on Quality, Value, Partnership and Innovation.


Vohra Chief Medical Officer Dr. S. Bird, M.D. and the Vohra clinical affairs team hosted the educational workshops and peer review sessions to continue the ongoing clinical training of the Vohra physicians. Additionally, select corporate and nursing leaders from skilled nursing facilities participated in workshops and contributed valuable insight to help continually improve our service offerings.


“Empathy was an underlying theme of the conference,” Dr. Bird said. “We’re trying to understand the skilled nursing facilities even better, and the trials that they go through, so we can continue to be a benefit to them through our wound care solution.”


Each of the Vohra physicians participated in peer review sessions with the clinical affairs team. Physicians review each other’s complex cases to continually learn from their colleagues and ensure standardization of the highest quality care across the country.


“I have my own perspective and focus when I attend to patients,” Dr. David Ware, M.D. of Dayton, OH said. “I like to see others approach the same patient challenges so I can learn from them.” Tapping the data accumulated through more than 1 million patient encounters, Vohra physicians have access to the broadest base of experience for the highest quality of wound care.


Dr. Brianne Gober, M.D, of Wilmington, NC says learning from her Vohra colleagues was fulfilling. “The chance to get together with other physicians who provide this very specialized care expands my capabilities. We’re talking the same language and reviewing many of the same kinds of cases.”

Vohra physicians traveled to Florida from across the country to participate in the national event. Dr. Virginia Killoren, M.D. is one of the Vohra physicians who attended from North Carolina. “This conference was absolutely fantastic,” Killoren said. “It was wonderful to hear how other physicians solve complex clinical challenges and an encouragement to meet others providing similar care.


Dr. Ron Hekier, M.D. of Tyler, TX agrees. “The Vohra National Conference this weekend has been tremendous. I was able to meet with Vohra physicians from across the country and also able to meet the Vohra staff. It’s very encouraging to have a large team standing with us as we provide bedside care.”


Founded in 2000, Vohra Wound Physicians is the leading physician network devoted to post acute wound care in skilled nursing and assisted living facilities. More than 240 physicians provide bedside care for patients in more than 2500 facilities across 27 states. We support our physicians and partners through our proprietary electronic health system, telehealth platforms, robust wound predictive tools, and most accessible and active education programs.

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Author: Dr. Japa Volchok, DO

Dr. Volchok is the Vice President of Operations at Vohra Wound Physicians. Trained as a vascular and general surgeon he joined Vohra in 2009. Dr. Volchok is currently responsible for Vohra’s telemedicine program, legal and regulatory matters, and physician recruitment. He completed an executive management program at the Harvard Business School.

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