VOHRA Wound Care Certification Course

Acute and Chronic Wounds
2 CE Credit Hours | 23 mins

The heart of our services and expertise. This provides a background on the routine challenges faced by wound care health professionals in the post-acute care setting as well as the standard of care expected.

Wound Healing
2 CE Credit Hours | 15 mins

Understanding the physiologic fundamentals behind the recovery of the body from external wounds will lay the foundation for treatment and management. This is an introduction to the phases and factors affecting normal healing.

Wound Care Treatment Options
2 CE Credit Hours | 41 mins

An abundance of wound healing solutions has emerged to manage the needs of our residents. Knowing which product to use is an indispensable tool in the arsenal of a wound care health professional.

0 CE Credit Hours | 9 mins

Often overlooked, meeting a resident's nutritional needs is a vital element that is as much a part of wound care as the other aspects of treatment. This module discusses nutritional concepts in the context of wound healing and nutritional status assessment.

Support Surfaces
2 CE Credit Hours | 30 mins

Residents who are unable to move or change positions are at a great risk of developing pressure wounds. Prevention can be achieved by combining treatment protocols with bed characteristics that offers adequate support and weight distribution.

Management and Treatment of Vascular Ulcers
2 CE Credit Hours | 11 mins

Vascular ulcers require special attention from health professionals due to the multifaceted nature of the wounds, possible amputation, as well as the significant burden they place on a resident. We discuss how to handle these chronic and reoccurring cases.

Atypical Wounds
2 CE Credit Hours | 13 mins

On occasion, a wound care professional will encounter cases that, because of their pathophysiology, will require special treatment. We present five such ailments that must be recognized to ensure that optimal care is given to all residents.

Infection Control
0 CE Credit Hours | 20 mins

Wounds expose tissue that are normally protected by the skin, making them susceptible to infection. By restricting factors that are favorable to pathologic organisms and by promoting an environment that stimulates the immune system, wounds are able to heal without complications.

Geriatric Skin Conditions
0 CE Credit Hours | 17 mins

The main demographic seen in post-acute care facilities are particularly prone to developing dermatologic conditions due to intrinsic and extrinsic factors that affect the structure and function of the skin.

Wound Rounds and Assessment
0 CE Credit Hours | 19 mins

Management of external wounds does not stop at the initial point of receiving treatment but requires clinical monitoring and documentation to assure that the resident is receiving adequate care to help optimize healing and prevent deterioration.

F686 Regulatory Requirements
2 CE Credit Hours | 23 mins

An outline of Federal regulations regarding the care and service of pressure wounds to maintain the highest practical, physical, mental, and psychosocial well-being for residents with pressure ulcers and those that are at risk of developing them.

Additional Modules (Not required to complete course)

Prevention of Re-Hospitalizations
2 CE Credit Hours | Downloadable PDF

Post-acute care facilities usually have residents admitted to hospitals for various ailments. Upon discharge, readmission prevention can be achieved by establishing protocols to enhance monitoring and through cooperation among the different stakeholders.

Delayed Wound Healing
2 CE Credit Hours | 26 mins

In wound management, numerous local and systemic factors affect the rate of repair and must be monitored and assessed to ensure good prognosis. We look at the different issues that can lead to timely wound healing.


Dr. Shark Bird MD, CMD, CWSP
Vohra Wound Physicians Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Shark Bird is currently the Chief Medical Officer at Vohra Wound Physicians, the largest wound care group in the post-acute space in the nation. Dr. Bird’s extensive expertise in wound management has been gained from his lifelong care of geriatric patients and extensive research. His personal mission to improve the quality of wound management and patient outcomes was the passion and drive that led to the creation of the Vohra Wound Certification Program.




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